Thinking in Blockchain

Let everyone get values from decentralized collaboration fairly.



Nebulas Manifesto

Yes! We Believe

We believe blockchains are a foundational innovation of the new world. At its essence, this innovation is about the decentralization of data. People will be empowered to claim ownership of their data through tokens, which will enable data to be valued and exchanged by everyone on the blockchain.

The blockchain community embodies the values of openness, collaboration, and transparency. An ecosystem created by blockchain believers is a voluntary association anchored by aligned incentives. We believe blockchain represents the social contract of the future, and that will lead to a civilization where cooperation, inclusion, and the interests of society converge.

Blockchains will make life more free, equitable and purposeful. As a nascent digital organism and economic system, blockchain is fertile ground for creative evolution. It will give rise to transformative ideas and breakthrough technologies. Now is a time of great opportunity, challenge and hope.

Ask not what blockchain can do for you, ask what you can do for blockchain.

This is the genesis of Nebulas.

One Day in Nebulas