nextDAO Upgrade Voting

Welcome all NAX holders to participate in a vote to determine the future of NAX.

Voting Time

Begins: July 7, 2021 at 3:00p.m. (UTC+8/Beijing Time)

Ends: July 10, 2021 at 3:00p.m. (UTC+8/Beijing Time)

The NAX token is currently used for community governance and decentralized collaboration via nextDAO. All who hold NAS have been able to easily obtain NAX by participating in dstaking (decentralized staking) their NAS. The distribution of the NAX tokens to the community represented economical motivation to the community for assets holding quantity and the holding duration.

The actual total issuance of NAX is related to the global dStaking rate of NAS. As of block height: 6,834,000; June 30, 2021, of the total 10 billion NAX planned for release, 2,045,315,851.64 NAX has been released into circulation while 2,635,768,896.68 NAX have been automatically burned. We believe NAX has completed its historical mission as a reward for holding NAS and it’s time to explore more cross-chain tools and new incentive mechanisms.

Nebulas Foundation proposes to upgrade nextDAO, including changing the economy and issuance model of NAX, suspending the distribution of NAX via dStaking. NAX will be upgraded to a more comprehensive collaboration incentive mechanism. The specific data will be announced separately.

Voting method:
Select "Support" or "Against", enter the amount of NAX you wish to delegate to your position and complete the process via NAS nano Pro by scanning a QR code to submit your vote.

Voting rules:
1.All NAX holders can participate in voting. One NAX represents one vote; there is no limit to the amount of NAX voted by each person.
2.Voted NAX will be returned within 3 business days after voting ends.

Additional details:
The use and transactions of NAX will not be affected. You will still be able to use NAX to participate in node voting, swapping, etc... It will not affect exchange transactions.

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