nebulas voting

Vote for the name of the next version of Nebulas

Voting Time

Begin: Feb 27 3:00p.m., 2020 (Beijing time, UTC+8)

End: Feb 28 3:00p.m., 2020 (Beijing time, UTC+8)

The name which receives the most NAX votes will be selected and become the official name of the new version of Nebulas! 1st place winner will receive: 500 NAS

2nd-5th place winners will receive: 5000 NAX per person.

Learn more about this program & the submitted names > Learn more about Proof of Devotion (PoD) >

How to vote: Voting will utilize the NAX smart asset via NAS nano Pro. There will be no limit on the amount of NAX a person can vote and the amount of times a person can vote. All NAX used via voting during this event will be returned once voting is complete.

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