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Vote for your favorite nebulas accessories

Until: 00:00 Aug 29, 2019 (UTC-7)

In order to help spread Nebulas’ brand awareness and to deeper the connection with the community, Nebulas plans to develop new, branded accessories to support online and offline operations as well as to encourage community members to participate in the construction of the Nebulas community.

Below are 13 examples of new product designs and we welcome all community members to vote for their favorite accessories that if available, they would like to have. The products with more community support will receive higher priority.

There is no limit to the number of votes or product a person can submit. The top 10 users who submit the most votes will receive one of the new accessories.

The pictures below are for reference only and may differ from the final product.


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Vote for your favorite Meetup

Until: 00:00 July 27, 2019 (UTC-7)

We have created a meetup event named “Show your Nebulers Meetup and Share 1000 NAS Bonus!” on June 15, Over the past month or so, Nebulas community members from around the world have been actively involved, and now we decided to vote for the top 7 winners by NAT on-chain Voting.


  1. Meetup in Sichuan by April
  2. Meetup by jkzhan
  3. Meetup in Shenzhen by MatricZ
  4. Meetup by Moezz
  5. Meetup in Beijing by outoukei
  6. Meetup in Beijing by revolution
  7. Meetup by SONA
  8. Meetup in South Korea by TriNM
  9. Meetup in Seoul by xixiu
  10. Meetup in Hebei by zhangxuanfirst
  11. Meetup in Nanjing by zuiyuewentian

Meetup event page >


Revote for the proposals on

Until: 00:00 July 8, 2019 (UTC-7)

Everyone can submit a proposal on and earn NAS. More details: Creating a project on the Go Nebulas platform and understanding the voting process. In the past two months, there are more than 40 proposals, But there are still some proposals failed because of different reasons. Now we will vote for these proposals again via NAT on-chain voting. Give them one more chance. The top 3 proposals will be approved. The proposals are below:

  1. Web Extension supporting NAT voting (299 NAS) #158
  2. Ledger Integration for Nebulas (29,500 NAS *) #113
  3. Germany Translation (200-300 NAS/paper) #150, #135
  4. Korean Translation (30 NAS / 1,000 words) #212, #207
  5. 8-15 Min Youtube Video by Louis Thomas (96k Followers) (3,000 NAS) #149
  6. Overseas Collaboration and Promotion (3,000 NAS) #211
  7. I don’t approve all the proposals above. I want to support other proposals.

* This amount should be edited because it’s created two months ago and the price changed a lot.

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Adjust the proportion of NAT voting returns

Until: 00:00 July 8, 2019 (UTC-7)

According to the design of the NAT distribution method, NAS holders can obtain NAT by increasing the address of the NR, the smart contract pledge NAS and the participation chain voting.

Among them, regarding the initial parameter design of NAT, the return ratio of NAT received in the pledge part and NAT in the NR part has been controversial. Many community members also can't agree that they can earn NAT voting rewards if these NAT received via improving NR, but they can't earn NAT voting rewards if these NAT received via pledging. Therefore, the NAT project team submit a proposal to the community to adjust the return ratio of NAT voting rewards if these NAT received via pledging. Adjust the parameter from 0% (current) to a higher setting.

According to the governance rules of NAT, the adjustment of this parameter should pass the NAT on-chain voting according to Nebulas Governance Orange Paper.

There are two different options for the proportion of refunds for pledge voting. One is to make the return ratio still less than 1, for example, to vote 100 NAT, to return 30 NAT, the return rate is 30%; the other is to make the return ratio higher than 1, for example, voting 100 NAT, returning 130 NAT, the return ratio is 130%. It should be noted that when the return ratio is higher than 1, the total circulation of NAT will be high, and the value of a single NAT may be reduced.

For detailed Proposal and discussion, please click here (

The parameter adjustment process, we hope to initiate a vote using NAT in the community and adjust the NAT voting return ratio to one of the following parameters. Welcome to discuss.


ATP on FastTrack, Nebulas Community Candy Program

Until: 00:00 June 30, 2019 (UTC-7)

To celebrate the Nebulas Lab Incubation Project (Atlas Protocol, ATP) won the first round of Huobi FastTrack, funded by the Nebulas Foundation will support the launch of an airdrop to the addresses which pledged NAS. Now community members can vote for the airdrop plan.

Option I:
From July 1st, all addresses which have pledged for over two weeks will share the 3 million ATP prize pool. Divide according to the pledge amounts.
Option II:
From July 1st, all addresses which have pledged for over four weeks will share the 6 million ATP prize pool. Divide according to the pledge amounts.


Should we create a mascot?

Until: 00:00 June 17, 2019 (UTC-7)


The best project in April

Until: 00:00 June 3, 2019 (UTC-7)

There are already more than hundreds of projects on the Nebulas community cooperation platform 45 projects had completed in April. Now the Nebulas Foundation offers 2,000 NAS, rewarding outstanding projects in April.

No.1: 1,000 NAS
No.2: 600 NAS
No.3: 400 NAS

Welcome to vote! The rewards will be sent to the owner of the project, and the owner can decide how to separate to team members.


1. Orange Paper - Nebulas Governance
2. 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4
3. Consensus Design for Decentralization I

Content Creations

4. Videos: Congratulation Video for Nebulas NOVA Press conference, How to vote on a proposal - Tutorial video, Promotion video-Mainnet upgrade
5. Nebulas Visual communication toolkit
6. The LOGO of NAT
7. Spanish Translation: All things in Spanish, Tech Whitepaper in Spanish
8. Korean Translation


9. Paris Blockchain Week Summit
10. Participate in Korea Deconomy Conference and conduct related business development in South Korea
11. Nebulas Korean Kakao Group Operation
12. Q&A Incentive Program for
13. Telegram AMA
14. Wechat AMA

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The next station of Nebulas?

Until: 00:00 May 27, 2019 (UTC-7)

June 2017 til now, we have been to 20 cities in 9 countries: China, America, France, UK, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Australia. And there are multi-languages online groups: English, Chinese, Korean, Germany, Russian, French, etc. Do you expect Nebulas to your countries? For example, build an online community group and host local meetups. Tell us about your idea.

And you can start a project to build the community on now. Get NAS and meet new friends, let’s try to realize a better decentralized collaboration way together.

Discuss on >
Build the community on >

TGIF in Korea in June is coming soon.


Do we need an online store?

Until: 00:00 May 27, 2019 (UTC-7)

Sell T-shirts, hats, backpacks, badges, notebooks, paper tapes, mobile phone cases, Tote Bags, tea, mugs, etc. Online sales.

VI resources

The proposal of Nebulas Store is coming soon.

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