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NAS es la divisa nativa de Nebulas, pensada para el pago del costo de las transacciones y el poder de cómputo.

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All users will be able to obtain NAX by pledging NAS and for better asset circulation, NAX utilizes a dynamic distribution method which is related to the global pledge rate. The number of NAX obtained by users is related to the amount of NAS pledged and the age of the pledge.

NAX is more closely related to its ecosystem and constitutes a positive-feedback economy.

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Addresses (NAS in circulating)

Go.Nebulas Fund initial total: 4,050,894 NAS


NAS Reserved for the ERC-20 token swap

Locked Address:

Pledging NAS to get NAT was closed. Please Cancel pledge >

Addresses (NAS not in circulating)

NAS reservado para el equipo de Nebulas: 11,565,577.77 NAS

Direcciones bloqueadas:

Fundadores: desbloqueo gradual en el transcurso de 10 años.
Empleados: desbloqueo gradual en el transcurso de 3 años.

Nebulas Team Asset Reserve Announcement - July 2019 >

NAS reservado para el ecosistema comunitario (35,000,000 NAS) was burned on Oct 28, 2019.

Burned Address:

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Contribuye a la comunidad y gana NAS

Nebulas Community Collaboration Platform

All projects are open and transparent. Community members can submit proposals, participate in voting, make decisions and build the Nebulas ecosystem together.
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Nebulas Node Platform

Nodes can obtain up to 9,920 NAS incentives per month. In addition nodes that participate in governance receive an additional 816 NAS.
By using NAX to support nodes, many will distribute a NAS reward in return for your vote.
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NAX is distributed as a reward for those contributing to the security of the ecosystem. dStaking NAS to obtain NAX while NAS is still on user's address.
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