Nebulas is a next generation public blockchain, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem. For more information, please read Nebulas Non-technical Whitepaper and Nebulas Technical Whitepaper.

The development of Nebulas is organized by the Nebulas Technology Committee and is executed by the Nebulas Dev Team, the Nebulas Research Institute and community developers.

Nebulas is an open source public chain, capable of supporting all functions offered by Ethereum, including decentralized apps, token-issuing and smart contracts. Nebulas also features innovative core technologies:
- NR will help users find users find information in the blockchain universe and investors make informed investment decisions on projects.
- NF will help developers and communities initiate projects and issue assets with less friction and more control.
- DIP will reward developers who contribute to the ecosystem.
Developers are encouraged to build DApps on Nebulas and help grow the ecosystem.

We will release more papers about our technical cores. The roadmap is:
2018.Q2 - Yellow Paper - NR
2018.Q4 - Mauve Paper - NI
2019.Q2 - Green Paper - NF
More details are on development roadmap.

We are definitely thrilled to see that! More people will follow and use blockchain if Google decides to move into the industry.
Nebulas Ranking is also open sourced, and we welcome everyone (including Google!) to look at our technology and to contribute in developing the blockchain ecosystem.

NAS is the utility token of Nebulas, viable for payment of transaction fees and computing service charges.